What's he built?

  • The Great Gatsby for NES

    America's third most famous adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic. Play now!

  • Valiant Panorama Video Project

    I attempted to drive across America with 5 GoPro's suction-cupped to my windshield. More info coming soon, follow me on twitter for updates.

  • California Truck Serialax

    Slit-scan video from my roadtrip shot with a car-mounted GoPro just outside San Francisco.

  • Nevada Serialax

    Slit-scan video from my roadtrip as it passed through Nevada. Working on a better way to present these, more coming soon.

  • DesertBot

    I made a robot that plays DesertBus on a real SegaCD. It got 4 points before completely disintegrating.

Does he tweet?

How about GitHub?

Who is he?

Hello. I am a creative coder living in Somerville, MA.

I work on lots of projects like this one at The Barbarian Group.

You can check out my GitHub, Twitter, Tumblr or just email me.

What's he listening to?

Press play to listen to whatever is currently on my turntable at home.

Does he have a machine that writes poetry?

Yes, once per day at 3pm EST: beatnikbox.tumblr.com

Has he taken any pictures of old cars?

But what'd he have for dinner?

Homemade chicken coconut curry with jasmine rice.

How was it?

Much better than anticipated.